Laurel and Hardy at the Brentford Musical Museum, 25 September 2011

Laurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy

Wurlitzer organs were once a familiar sight in British cinemas but that was a very long time ago. Happily, there are some places, such as the Musical Museum in Brentford, which maintain these fantastic instruments and put on concerts and film screenings to show them to their best advantage.

The next event on the Musical Museum’s “silent” schedule is a Sunday afternoon compilation of Laurel and Hardy films. There will be two silent shorts before the interval: Flying Elephants (1928) and Putting Pants on Philip (1927). Donald Mackenzie will accompany both films on the museum’s Regal Wurlitzer, and after the break he will give a short performance before a screening of the sound film The Music Box (1932).

The Laurel and Hardy screening takes place on Sunday 25 September at 3pm, at the Brentford Musical Museum, near Kew Bridge Station. Tickets cost £10 and you can find out more details on the museum’s website here.

One thought on “Laurel and Hardy at the Brentford Musical Museum, 25 September 2011”

  1. Wurlitzer organs only accounted for about a fifth of UK cinema organs. Most were made by British firm John Compton. There were about 90 Wurlitzers imported from the States but about 260 Comptons installed in UK cinemas by 1939. The ex-Regal Kingston Wurlitzer, now at the Musical Museum, is indeed however a fine example of such an instrument and Donald MacKenzie is noted as the leading exponent of accompanying silent films on a cinema organ. You can also catch him in Southampton Guildhall on 15th October where he’ll be accompanying the silent horror classic Nosferatu.

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