Ritrovato Roundtable: Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017 podcast report

I’m back from Bologna and joined in the podcast studio by Pete Baran and film writer Philip Concannon. We’re chatting about our highlights, discoveries and duds from the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival – a banquet of archive, vintage and restored cinema, spanning silent and sound films.

Ritrovato Roundtable: Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017 podcast report

Sensation Seekers (Lois Weber, 1927)

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3 thoughts on “Ritrovato Roundtable: Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017 podcast report”

  1. Thanks for this really nice discussion. To add my own comments: I loved ‘Until they get me’ (1917) and the amazing Sirk films from the 1950s, and the Mitchums. Not to mention the early films, including great presentations on Joly/Normandin and the 1897 jubilee. Best of all is just being in this amazing city of Bologna. There is beauty on every street (and I’m not just talking about the lovely inhabitants!) – the buildings and architectural detail are fabulous. Almost everywhere in the centre has some gem of a building. Even if you only saw one or two films, the experience of being in Bologna would be worth it. My only problem was that the climate is rather too hot at this time of year. Perhaps they might consider moving the festival date to Spring or Autumn?

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