Pandora’s Box: interview with South West Silents

The lovely people at South West Silents interviewed me about Pandora’s Box, ahead of the screening I am introducing at the Cube Cinema in Bristol on 24 November.

South West Silents

Pandora’s Box (1929), Cube Cinema, Bristol / 8:00pm + Live Music + Special Intro

We strongly recommend that you keep the evening of Friday 24th November free in your diaries! Why?! As we are offering, for our second silent film event at the Cube Cinema, Bristol, a very rare treat indeed. As not only do you have a chance to see G. W. Pabst’s masterpiece that is Pandora’s Box (1929), starring the incredible Louise Brooks on the big screen (on 35mm film from the BFI Archives we should add). But this rare treat will also give us a chance to welcome back to very good friends of South West Silents.

Pianist John Sweeney will be playing live for us and returns to the Cube after our highly successful screening of  Il Fuoco (1916; The Fire) which took place back in March.

While Pamela Hutchinson (Silent London) is…

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