Silent London: beyond the blog


Last week, the Silent London Twitter account passed a milestone of sorts as it reached a total of 1,000 followers. Hurrah! In case that doesn’t mean anything to you, a little context: Lady Gaga has 12.7m followers, the British Film Institute has around 40,000 and the Prince Charles Cinema has nearly 5,000. Well, perhaps that hasn’t made things any clearer, but the point is that around 1,000 people could, if they all turned on their computer or phone at the right time, read some London-based silent film related tweetings – but they’re far more likely to be reading about Lady Gaga’s latest excursions in millinery. And the Silent London Twitter crowd are a marvellous bunch. Just a few weeks ago, @susan_carey designed this beautiful Buster Keaton postcard in honour of my invaluable incessant tweets. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

However, it’s worth mentioning, because Twitter, like Facebook, is a good place to share news. So they are where I will pass on news as I discover it, about DVD releases, silent film shows around the country and early cinema related happenings on TV and radio. So far, Facebook is lagging behind in followers, or ‘Likes’, a little, but there is still time for things to even out.

So if you want to keep up with Silent London and breaking silent film news beyond the confines of the blog, you can follow Silent London on Twitter here, or Like Silent London on Facebook here. You’ll occasionally find a sophisticated debate, or just some convivial banter, on both those two places – but don’t be shy of using the comments feature on the blog either. Us silent film fans are a talkative bunch!

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