Air’s Le Voyage Dans la Lune album

Le Voyage Dans la Lune, by Air
Le Voyage Dans la Lune, by Air

It was hands-down the most controversial silent film score of the year, but French duo Air have expanded their music for Georges Méliès’s Le Voyage Dans la Lune (1902) into an album. The record, named after the film, will be released on 7 February 2012 and features additional vocals by Victoria Legrand, the French half of Beach House, and lyrics written by New York keyboard trio Au Revoir Simone. The full tracklisting is as follows, and you can see already how scenes from the film are expressed in the music:

01 Astronomic Club
02 Seven Stars
03 Retour sur terre
04 Parade
05 Moon Fever
06 Sonic Armada
07 Who Am I Know?
08 Décollage
09 Cosmic Trip
10 Homme lune
11 Lava

Air’s score was composed specifically to accompany the restoration of the hand-tinted, full-colour version of Méliès’s film, and limited-edition copies of the album will feature the film in full with its new music.

The news of the album’s release was posted on the music website Pitchfork yesterday, where they also shared this short modern silent, scored by Air, that was created as part of a promotional series for the jeweller Cartier.

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