The Silent London 2011 poll: we have a winner

Lillian Gish in The Wind (1928)
Lillian Gish in The Wind (1928)

Thanks to all who nominated their favourite silent film and live music shows of the year – and to those who voted in the final poll. We had five worthy nominees on the short list, but I can reveal that the winner is … Lola Perrin’s score for the Victor Sjostrom’s The Wind, first performed this year at the BFI Southbank as part of the Birds Eye View Sound and Silents programme. Congratulations, Lola!

If you missed it (and I did, sadly), you can see Lola Perrin perform her live piano score to The Wind again at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton in March. Visit Lola Perrin’s website to find out more.

5 thoughts on “The Silent London 2011 poll: we have a winner”

  1. Oh Pamela, this is the one of the five you didn’t see! I feel really bad for that cold what you had. It was great, though I sense a Lola Perrin fan hack here (I’m not saying she’s the Matt Cardle of the poll as it was great, but it also had the smallest audience of the five on offer!)

  2. What makes you think I had the smallest audience, is that your assumption or do you have statistics? The BFI show I where played this out sold out thank you very much. But if you are right that I had the smallest audience, what has that got to do with it? If people could be bothered to vote for me it’s because they like my work enough to to show it.

  3. Lola, I meant no disrespect, however if all the other four were sell outs – which I think they were, (I was at three of them) – then yes they were larger (BFI 1, QEH, Barbican Concert Hall & Ally Pally). I saw, and indeed nominated your score for the Wind which I thought was fantastic. And am toying with seeing it in Brighton, as you suggested to me on the vote thread.

    I did think The Wind was a great score and am looking forward to seeing you score more silents in future.

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