The New Empress silent special

New Empress issue 5
New Empress issue 5

Just a quick note to let you gorgeous people know that this month’s issue of the esteemed New Empress magazine is a silent special. If you don’t already know New Empress, it’s a small magazine with big ideas, appearing quarterly and covering everything from new releases to the furthest recesses of film history. There’s a website too, which has lots to explore, but no New Empress magazine content is reproduced online. You can read the site’s early cinema features content here and also regular reviews of silent film screenings among the In Review pages.

Over to New Empress to reveal more about this extra-special silent issue:

After the ruckus The Artist caused during the awards season we thought it only fitting to deliver a tantalizing array of features and flashbacks on the silent era, consequently our next issue is a Silent Film Special.

Inside this issue you will find articles on Who Invented Cinema, Reservoir Dogs in Phenakistoscope, The Bluffer’s Guide to Silent Film, Silent Hitchcock: The Voiceless Origins of a Visual Master, The Silent Stories of a host of early film icons and a special column from silent film expert Matthew Sweet.

Just like the early world of cinema, however, we’re all about variety and thus on our “Talkie Takeover” pages you’ll find a smattering of articles on talking pictures. Check out our piece on Hollywood Versus Videogames, educate yourself with our unique history of film studio logos and rediscover the B-Movie master with horror speicalist Nigel Floyd’s review of Corman’s World: Exploit’s of a Hollywood Rebel.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should confess that the author of that Hitchcock feature is yours truly. It should also go without saying that I’m very keen to read Matthew Sweet’s column, and intrigued to the point of pain by the thought of the Reservoir Dogs Phenakistoscope.

You can order New Empress online or subscribe here. The mag is also stocked in the BFI Filmstore, the Prince Charles Cinema and the Cornerhouse in Manchester. The silent special is out now – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The New Empress silent special”

  1. Do you know when it is released? I’ll go and pick up a copy from the Filmstore as soon as possible.

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