Shakespeare Unlimited: on Asta Nielsen, Hamlet and testing the limits of Shakespeare

This is probably my final Asta Nielsen-related post for a while. I am delighted to be able to tell you that I was a guest on the Folger Shakespeare Library’s podcast, Shakespeare Unlimited, to talk about Nielsen and her Hamlet.

I had a long chat with Shakespeare Unlimited host Barbara Bagaev about the film, and its context in Nielsen’s career. You can access information about the podcast here and listen to my episode and read the transcript here. You can also find Shakespeare Unlimited wherever else you find your podcasts.

It has been such an honour to show Asta Nielsen’s films and to talk about her. Do let me know if you came along to the season at BFI Southbank or were prompted to seek out any of her films recently, in the comments below.

• Wordle enthusiasts who also love Shakespeare may be keen to check out the Folger’s contribution to this trend: Prattle. I am hooked.

• Silent London will always be free to all readers. If you enjoy checking in with the site, including reports from silent film festivals, features and reviews, please consider shouting me a coffee on my Ko-Fi page.

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