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An exclusive interview with @MsLillianGish

Lillian Gish
Lillian Gish

Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Contrary to published reports, legendary silent film actor Lillian Gish is not dead – she’s alive and well and totally winning at Twitter. Using the handle @MsLillianGish, the star of Broken Blossoms and The Birth of a Nation drops wisdom on the internet from a great height every day. Check out her Twitter biography, which is typically witty, informative and self-effacing: “I am the greatest actress of all time. If I had been a scientologist, you all would be one today. Yeah, I rocked it like that.”

Not content with enjoying Ms Gish’s wise words 140 characters at a time, I asked the star if she would be happy to answer a few questions for the benefit of the Silent London readers. To my great delight, she accepted. Unfortunately the time difference did not allow us to conduct the interview live, but I posted some questions to Ms Gish, and with her help of her loyal secretary she was able to answer them. Her responses are illuminating, I think you’ll agree. Here is the transcript of my interview with Lillian Gish …

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The British silent film festival 2012 – reviewed by you on Twitter

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    Hello Twitter! Yes we are now tweeting for #BSFF15, starting this Thurs in (currently very) sunny Cambridge as the Good Dr M Kermode says
    Mon, Apr 16 2012 07:28:35
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    Saturday’s #BSFF dilemma: Livingstone or Mist in the Valley. Any thoughts?
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 10:19:02
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    @britishpictures Mist in the Valley because it has GH Mulcaster who played Dr Scudamore in Will Hay’s last film My Learned Friend. #BSFF
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 10:35:47
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    So today is the start of the British Silent Film Festival in Cambridge. Do drop in if you’re passing. #BSFF
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 01:24:06
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    #bornonthisday 1890 Herbert Wilcox. Director/producer. His version of Tale of Two Cities, The Only Way, is at the #BSFF today.
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 02:15:18
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    Bright and early and off to Cambridge for the British Silent Film Festival – I’ll be tweeting using the #BSFF15 tag I reckon

Storify: Silent movies for a nine-year-old boy

Jean Dujardin sinks into the quicksand in The Artist (2011)
Jean Dujardin sinks into the quicksand in The Artist (2011)

I am something of an evangelist for Twitter, where, in turn, I am something of an evangelist for silent cinema. On Tuesday night, a Twitter user called @Drangula approached me with a request. Would I repost his plea for film recommendations? “Wiz pleasure!”

Storify screengrab
How the conversation began ...

@Drangula knows a nine-year-old boy who loved The Artist and wanted to watch more silent films. What would be suitable? Considering this request came through at around 9pm GMT on Valentine’s Day, I was overwhelmed by how many people responded and by the quality of their suggestions too. It’s a great question, which prompted some great answers. Thanks to all the people who took part.

I have attempted to collate all the responses using Storify, so these random acts of cinematic kindness could be saved for posterity. I’m sure you’ll agree that this was a Good Thing, and I really hope the young lad enjoys the films, and his  mother overcomes her aversion to Chaplin.

Click here to see how the conversation went.