The Passion of Joan of Arc at Alexandra Palace. Maybe

You don’t often get to see silent films at pop festivals, but then again you don’t get many pop festivals in locations as grand as Alexandra Palace. The I’ll be Your Mirror festival, an off-shoot of All Tomorrow’s Parties is curated by Portishead, and takes place at Ally Pally next July.

The most intriguing act on the lineup for us is The Passion of Joan of Arc. We’re really hoping that this will be Dreyer’s silent classic from 1928   – and that this will be another chance to hear the score that Adrian Utley of Portishead and Will Gregory wrote for the film.

We got in touch with I’ll Be Your Mirror a couple of times but so far have had no response. Still, this looks like a fairly safe bet. Unless these guys have changed their name.

4 thoughts on “The Passion of Joan of Arc at Alexandra Palace. Maybe”

  1. The full film can be seen on YouTube here:

    You can choose to listen to Richard Einhorn’s somewhat overblown choral score – I think I would prefer the Portishead one.

  2. I saw this in Bristol a few months ago (with the Portishead score) highly disappointing. Sadly the score doesn’t work well with the film at all. At some points you get the feeling if the guys watched the films at all. It got so bad reviews at certain places, some of the other screenings had to give free tickets out to get bums on seats.

    Would go with Richard Einhorn’s Voices of Light score any day compared to this. It’s a wonderful film tho. But, it has never been given the score it deserves.

  3. I’ve seen Joan of Arc with a score by In the Nursery. Very haunting as I remember but the film is so visually strong there’s a chance it will always leave its soundtrack in the shade. I’m always intrigued when non-classical artists venture into this field, though.

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