News from Bristol: The Extra Girl, slapstick and beer

The Extra Girl (1923)
The Extra Girl (1923)

As Bristol gears up for its annual Slapstick Festival (reported on these pages elsewhere), I thought I would share with you a couple of interesting events they’ve got lined up before the main attraction, which kicks off on 28 January. First off, the Bristol Silents club is screening The Extra Girl (1923) starring Mabel Normand, on 12 January, 7.30pm at the Old Picture House. The screening is totally free and will be introduced by film historian David Robinson. Full details are available on the Bristol Silents Facebook page.

Which brings us to the beer. Yes, it seems it has become something of a tradition for a local brewer to concoct a Slapstick Ale to go with the festival. Surely every silent film festival should do this. Anyway, this year’s brew is a 5% dark beer and will be launched at a special party on 2o January. No details so far apart from the date, and the promise that there will be a chance to watch a silent comedy short or two as you sup. Cheers!

Tickets and details for the Slapstick Festival are available here.

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