The General and The Music Box, Crystal Palace Pictures, 14 April

The General (1926)
The General (1926)

Crystal Palace Pictures is a thriving local film society, which shows a film every other Thursday on a 17ft screen in the Gipsy Hill Tavern, near Gipsy Hill station. Residents of Crystal Palace are currently embroiled in a long-running campaign for a cinema, so it’s good to see that there is an alternative in the local area. Ideally, there would be room for both, but until then, Crystal Palace Pictures is doing sterling work, showing a hugely diverse range of films.

On 14 April the society is screening a Buster Keaton classic, The General (1926), accompanied by a short “sound” film (they’ll never catch on), The Music Box (1932) starring Laurel & Hardy. The General was a box-office flop when it was first released, but critics now regard it as one of the best films ever made. The film, which is based on real events, is set during the American Civil War and stars Keaton as a train engineer who “has two loves in his life”: his fiancée Annabelle and his locomotive, The General. For a taster of the film, read Roger Ebert’s review here and watch the YouTube clip below:

Tickets for The General and The Music Box are £5 on the door (including food!). For more details, see the Crystal Palace Pictures website.

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