Ritzy Cinema centenary celebrations: 1911 party

The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton as it used to look.
The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, as it used to look.

The former Electric Pavilion in Brixton has embarked upon a year of 100th-birthday celebrations in a style that Silent London most definitely approves of. The Ritzy Cinema has already embraced its beginnings in the silent era with a double-bill gala screening of Un Chien Andalou and Sunrise, and on Friday 29 April, rock band Minima will accompany a screening of Murnau’s vampire classic Nosferatu.

But the Ritzy plans to mark its centenary with more than just film screenings. Its Around the Decades parties will kick off on 20 May with a swinging celebration of 1911, the year the cinema was built:

It’s spring 1911 and America’s hottest trend has finally set sail for Europe’s shores. Have you heard that “everybody’s doin’ it now”? Leave behind Mazurkas, Schottisches, Polkas, the Grizzly Bear and the Turkey Trot, and ready yourselves for London society’s most contemporary steps… RMS Lusitania Orchestra are flooding the town with the sound of RAGTIME.
The decade The Ritzy began was filled with a fair amount of war, several sinking ships (Titanic included) and even more Spanish flu… but no need to be glum! We will be making sure that we only bring the best bits to our party Upstairs. So leave your bunkers and don your most opulent gowns and suits, whilst we take you back, waaay back to a time of true class and style. A night of foot-hopping rhythms, vintage chic and many a Singapore Sling. All hail King George V!

Music, vintage frocks and cocktails in one of London’s best cinemas? Well, why the devil not? Tickets for the party are £6 or £4 for concessions and the music starts at 8.30pm on Friday 20 May. More details here.

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