The Silent London Poll 2012 – cast your vote


It’s cold, it’s dark, I’m increasingly tempted by a glass of port before bed: it must be December. And that means it’s time to gather your votes in the annual Silent London Poll. As before, we’re trying to find your favourite silent film and live music show. The only rule is that you must have seen it this year, in the UK.

To get the ballots rolling, I have consulted with some avid silent cinema fans and together we have drawn up a very long shortlist. All you need to do is to vote for the show you enjoyed the most this year, or suggest an alternative. Then tell all your friends to vote too.

The winner will be announced here on this very site, before the year is out.

12 thoughts on “The Silent London Poll 2012 – cast your vote”

  1. I loved the pleasure garden, and Daniel Cohen’s score, I saw it twice. I would love to be able to get it on cd.

  2. Lucy G. (Toronto, Canada )
    I vote for” Faust”. Fantastic Musical experience. Excellent score adaptation to the silent film
    BRAVO !!! My best wishes for MORE TO COME
    Vote FAUST

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