Happy 3rd birthday Silent London

The Pleasure Garden (1924)
The Pleasure Garden (1924)

I know, we don’t look our age, but yes, Silent London has been keeping movie fans updated on silent film news, reviews and events for three whole years now. Thanks to everyone who reads this site, for your support, enthusiasm and intelligent comments. It has been, and continues to be, the cat’s particulars, and never a gimlet.

We plan to spend the day sipping cocktails and dancing the the Charleston. You are free to join us. But meanwhile, sample a random post from Silent London, or check the freshly updated listings.

8 thoughts on “Happy 3rd birthday Silent London”

  1. And many happy returns. Thanks for your literate, incisive, sharp-eyed commentary materially adding to the pleasures of film-going.

  2. As a present, here’s a Russian comedy from the Sixties which if not quite silent is as close to it as makes no difference. Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures. The director is a sort of Frank Tashlinski who said that Chaplin and Keaton were his greatest influences. On release this became the number one all-time most popular Soviet film, only being bumped down by the director’s next two films (which aren’t quite so silent), then a decade later by an appalling kung-fu flick.

  3. Thanks for all your lovely comments. A day late, I am finally catching up with them all. And yes, I may be sipping champers at my desk …

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