Two tickets for the price of one: the DW Griffith season at BFI Southbank

DW Griffith on set
DW Griffith on set

Last month we previewed the blockbuster DW Griffith taking place at BFI Southbank in June. This week, tickets went on sale! But before you start flashing your debit cards around, Silent London can save you a little cash, with a two-for-one ticket offer. You could buy twice as many tickets, or even bring a friend along, free, and share the greatness of Griffith at a bargain rate.

To buy two tickets for the price of onein the BFI’s DW Griffith season this June, simply quote  “Griffith” online/in person or over the phone (020 7928 3232).

That’s it. Enjoy!

But before you go, let me share a heartwarming tale of grammar, Griffith and the power of the internet.

A fortnight ago I was at the BFI Southbank to use the library, when I saw a little typo on the hoarding on the side of the building. As a silent-film-loving subeditor, I couldn’t help but be dismayed, and i issued a plea, via Instagram for the missing apostrophe to be reinstated.

Two weeks later, I was back by the river – and lo and behold.

DW Griffith knew all about the importance of details, and grammar too, so while I may spend a huge amount of time on social media, I know that this moment wasn’t wasted. Thanks, BFI!

And yes, I do hope that “Dee Dubya” will catch on …

One thought on “Two tickets for the price of one: the DW Griffith season at BFI Southbank”

  1. Hey,

    That’s a really good deal. Kicking myself that I bought my tickets before I knew this. Grrr.



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