Silent London gets a new look

Ta-da! Silent London has had a bit of a makeover. Everything that used to be on the site is still there, but hopefully it is now easier to find. The social media is back on the front page, as a few people have requested, and some of the best stuff is displayed on a slider at the top too. All the usual menus and gizmos should be to hand as well.

Take a look around and let me know what you think. And today there is a new review on the site, of a fascinating new book by Matthew Dessem, all about a spectre of silent comedy history – Clyde Bruckman.

4 thoughts on “Silent London gets a new look”

  1. Looks grand!! I am worried that Anita Page is over doing it in the celebration behind Joan… hope she steers clear of those stairs. Shine on, Silent London!

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