Breaking Betty Balfour news: Love, Life and Laughter (1923) at the LFF

How is that for an alliterative headline?

I was just finishing my last post (on Bait – go see it), when this very exciting news came in. The 2019 London Film Festival Archive Special Presentation will be the lost Betty Balfour film that was discovered in the Netherlands a few years ago: Love, Life and Laughter (George Pearson, 1923).

Betty Balfour as Tiny Toes in Love, Life and Laughter (1923)
Betty Balfour as Tip Toes in Love, Life and Laughter (1923). Photograph: British Film Institute

I wrote about this movie when it was rediscovered, and I have been looking forward to the restoration premiere ever since. If you like British silent cinema at all, the chances are that a) you love Betty Balfour and b) you are frustrated by how few of her silent films have survived and are available to watch. So this is good news for my British silent film chums. That’s all of us right?

Even more good news: the fantastically talented Meg Morley will accompany the film live at the Archive Special Presentation (what happened to the word gala?) in NFT1 on 3 October 2019. A perfect warmup for Pordenone!



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