Live now: Lois Weber on Film Club with Caspar

UPADTE: the podcast on Lois Weber is live now. You can listen here, or search for it on all good podcasting platforms.

Podcast news: I am going to be appearing on a podcast soon. To talk about Lois Weber – quelle surprise. Normally, I would at least wait until the ’cast was in the digital can before posting about it. But this podcast is different, it’s Film Club with Caspar, and it’s interactive.

Caspar Salmon is a very eloquent film critic based here in London, and this podcast is his brainchild. I don’t think I have ever chatted to him about silent cinema, but let’s just say that clearly this gentleman is aware of my proclivities.

Each episode of Film Club with Caspar features a film or two, and a guest, dragged in off the streets of London by Mr Salmon to discuss the movies. Previous guests comprise illustrious critics such as Peter Bradshaw, Kelli Weston and Dr Felicity Gee. I’m up next.

Lois Weber
Lois Weber

Listeners (that’s you, I hope) are invited to watch the films in advance and send in their thoughts, comments, questions, what-have-you to Caspar before we sit down to record. So when we discuss the films, we may also be wrapping your thoughts into our conversation. And hopefully answering your questions too. You can contact the Film Club via Twitter (@FilmClubCaspar).

I don’t know exactly when the episode I appear on will launch, but I know you have a week or two to watch the films and send in your comments. So … let me tell you which films we will be discussing. It’s a pretty cracking double-bill by one of my favourite silent film director, Lois Weber, and one that is sure to provoke some interesting conversation.

  • Suspense (1913)
  • Where Are My Children? (1916)

You may have copies of these on Blu-ray in the Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers box set. But if not, they are both streaming on Netflix in the UK. Film Club with Caspar is nice and inclusive like that!

I’ll update this post with the link when the podcast is live. You can also subscribe on most podcasting platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. Please send in your thoughts!

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