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Silent films for Valentine’s Day

Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Beyond the Rocks (1922)

Nothing could be more romantic on this cupid-blessed, rose-scented day than to draw the curtains, light the candles, snuggle your loved one close and watch a film  – a silent film,  that is. Silent movies have more romance about them than their dialogue-laden counterparts. These films drip with intense, unspoken passion; those lingering closeups of limpid eyes speak directly to our emotions; and, of course, everyone looks sexier in black and white.

So, this Valentine’s morn, I asked the Silent London Twitter followers, a wise bunch, which films they would select for a night of silent seduction:

And I got replies, lots of them. You can see them all on this link, but here are some highlights:

The inevitable Valentino vote:

A bromance fan writes …

Fintan is selectively deaf …

Robin calls himself “bitter” but I couldn’t possibly comment

Robert plumps for The Phantom of the Opera

Ian is clearly something of a cynic:

And there were two votes for The Cameraman

Other votes went to Sunrise, City Lights, Underground, The Lodger (from another, er, sceptic).

So, what’s your perfect silent Valentine’s movie? And do you agree with me that talkies just aren’t quite the same when it comes to the lovey-dovey stuff? Let me know in the comments below: