Metropolis at the ICA, 22 & 23 December

Metropolis (1927)

Christmas is coming and we all deserve a little treat, so it’s worth knowing that on two afternoons next week, the ICA is showing the new restored Metropolis. At 145 minutes long, that’s a deliciously long respite from the Christmas shopping, and the ICA is only two stops down the Bakerloo line from Oxford Circus. Can you afford not to?

Metropolis screens at the ICA on 22 and 23 December at 3.30pm. Tickets are £9 or £8 for concessions, and are available online here.

3 thoughts on “Metropolis at the ICA, 22 & 23 December”

  1. Just came over from the wonderful BIOSCOPE . I think your blog is a gorgeous idea. But as somebody without a twitter account I wonder, if you have a RSS feed that I can add to my feed reader. Would be very helpful for other readers as well to get updates regularly.

    As for Metropolis – saw recently this restored version with live music at the Roundhouse. I think the newly found parts really add something to the development of the story line. Don’t miss this opportunity at the ICA!

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