Your silent cinema shelfies – in pictures

Clara Bow
Clara Bow

Gosh you lot are incredibly well read, aren’t you? After I shared my little silent cinema shelfie a week ago, many of you returned the favour – and now I am suffering from serious library envy. It’s all to the good though – nosing through other people’s bookshelves is one of my favourite vices. And the same goes for many of you, I suspect.

Themes emerged in each bookshelf portrait – quite a few of you are devoted to silent comedy above all else, one of you has a grand passion for Rudolph Valentino, some bookshelves were adorned with figurines of favourite film-makers, and more or less everybody had a copy of The Parade’s Gone By…

Take a spin for yourselves:

5 thoughts on “Your silent cinema shelfies – in pictures”

  1. Delighted to see you have William Boyd’s New Confessions on your shelfie – a neglected novel. But you might want to add the granddaddy of them all, Theodore Roszak’s Flicker, a real postmodern romp through silent film and its aftermath (and a roman a cle re Pauline Kael). Lots more suggestions for Britain, France and Russia – and indeed lil’ old US of A.

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