Quiz: emoji silent movies, part seven

The Cheat (1915)
What ever you do … don’t cheat!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Welcome to the seventh and FINAL part of our silent-movie emoji quiz, the most popular silent-cinema picture puzzle in my postcode.

What do you reckon to our final five? Easy? Even the last one?

Well, if you think you have worked out all 35 titles, send them in to silentlondontickets@gmail.com, and you could be crowned the winner of this hotly contested competition. And who knows if there might not be a prize in it for you too?

Silent film emoji quiz, part seven

3 thoughts on “Quiz: emoji silent movies, part seven”

  1. This has been a fun but frustrating quiz! I’ve managed to answer 30 out of 35 but whether I am right or not is a different matter! 😛

    Look forward to seeing the answers! 🙂

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